Wor Lard 2016

We are organising a day of Too Fat Lardies games again this year, this time codenamed Wor Lard the Second. It will be on Saturday 2nd April, to take place at Durham Wargames Group.

It will run from about 9.30 to about 5, with a break for lunch. There is no entry fee and no need for anyone to bring any kit.

We currently have two games organised of Sharp Practice (Cossacks and Swedes in Danzig in the 17th Century and a Beau Geste inspired one), Hello Sailor (Naval WW2) and a Kriegsspiel. Others to be confirmed are likely to include Dux Brit, Chain Of Command and I Ain't Been Shot Mum.

The idea is simply to have fun for the day, so anyone, whether or not they have played any TFL games before, is welcome.

Annual Show 2017

Our next annual show is 10th June 2017, 10am - 4pm. See the Annual Show page for full details.

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